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Using an innovative plugin architecture, CostX® now fully supports native cloud storage for drawing files, with initial support for Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Additional cloud storage providers will be supported in future CostX®#174 versions
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Support for Windows 8. Support for AutoCAD 2013 DWG file format.
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The release of version 3.31 is the latest innovation in the CostX range of products, which is fast becoming the new industry standard in onscreen takeoff software. The 3.31 release is available for all customers under maintenance and includes the following significant changes:
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CostXL tightly integrates into Microsoft Excel® allowing you to access all your CostX® data in your Excel® spreadsheet. By integrating CostX® into Microsoft Excel®, we've created more flexibility to allow building professionals to manage their projects.
  • Fully integrated with CostX® product range network licences
  • Retrieves live data from the CostX® database for integration into any Excel® spreadsheet
  • Link dimensions, workbook values, rates, constants & values from the CostX® database directly into Excel®
  • Drag and drop from the CostXL task pane directly into the Excel® worksheet
  • Live links allow the Excel® user to see the dimensions in the drawings
  • Use Excel® to generate cash flow forecasts, progress claims, management reports, etc all from the live CostX® database
  • Generate charts & graphs using CostX® data
  • Handles data from multiple revisions on the same Excel® Worksheet
  • Updates are automatically handled via a refresh
  • Ships with sample CostX® data and Excel® spreadsheets to get you going quickly
Why CostXL?
If you are a building or costing professional and you use Excel®, CostXL will allow you to place live CostX® data into your Excel® spreadsheets. You'll be able to make use of the powerful features of CostX® while remaining in the comfort of Excel® - and when the data changes, the spreadsheets update automatically!
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CostX® Takeoff - with additional 3D graphics & automatic quantity extraction from BIM models.
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